March Employee of the Month: Marvin Brown

Please join us in congratulating our Employee of the Month, Marvin Brown! 

In an effort to express our appreciation for our wonderful staff and highlight their commitment to great service, Steinberg Law Firm recently launched the Employee of the Month Program, headed by Client Relations Manager Katrena Boykin, HS-BCP.

Marvin is a runner for our downtown office; loved and respected by all! He has been recognized by the staff for going above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent service for clients and co-workers. Here are a few statements included in nominations from fellow employees: 

”Mr. Marvin is one of a kind and does whatever is asked of him without murmuring and complaining.  He is also very compassionate and concerned about others.” 

“Marvin always jumps at any opportunity to help and always says ‘good morning’ when I get to the office each day!
“Marvin goes above and beyond the call of duty of his job responsibilities and is always willing to lend a helping hand.  For the most part, people can learn to do a good job and get things done, but some people have those innate qualities that go deeper than just learning or knowing how to get the job done, and Marvin possesses those qualities, which in turn are displayed in his treatment and respect to all. ”
“I think it goes without saying that Marvin keeps all three offices running smoothly. At our office downtown he is constantly making trips up all four flights of stairs delivering paper, lunches, mail, etc. He fills meters, runs errands, disinfects door knobs and basically does everything that no one else wants to do. The small things that we take for granted like always having k-cups, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc that we all take for granted are all because of Marvin! “
“Marvin is always going the extra mile for anyone he comes in contact with – whether it is an employee, a client, or anyone visiting here at Steinberg.   Not only does he go the extra mile, but he does it all while providing us with his beautiful smile and without complaint.”



Thank you for everything you do, Marvin! Congratulations on your award! 

Updated on December 12, 2019

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