Attorneys with the Steinberg Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the 322-unit owners

Myrtle Beach Condo Building Evacuated, Steinberg Law Firm Files Federal Class Action Lawsuit for Condo Owners

On October 7, residents of the Renaissance Tower in Myrtle Beach were evacuated after an engineer declared the tower unsafe. Less than two weeks later, attorneys with the Steinberg Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the 322-unit owners, alleging the building’s board of directors were aware of the structural issues but failed to address them in a timely manner.

According to the lawsuit, an engineer had informed the board at least as early as 2018 that the steel supporting the building was damaged and in need of repairs and that the steel would continue to degrade until repairs were made.

Instead, the building’s board and management delayed action on the steel and spent time and money on non-structural and non-safety work on the building. As a result, when repairs finally started this year, engineers discovered the significantly degraded condition of the steel necessitated evacuation of the building. The building’s board and management also failed to maintain reasonable reserves. Condo owners are now faced with the terrible situation where they must continue to pay for condo units they cannot use, must pay large assessments to repair the building, and must either find a new place to live or forego rental income.

Some residents were given little notice of the evacuation, leaving behind important papers, medicine, and necessary items. Some residents are reportedly living in tents at a nearby campsite. No time frame has been given as to when residents can return.

Attorney Elliotte Quinn, who filed the lawsuit said, “We take the safety of buildings in South Carolina very seriously. Builders and building owners who fail to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and structural integrity of their buildings should and will be held accountable.”

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Updated on October 31, 2022

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