Residential Property Disclosure Requirements

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Residential Property Disclosure Requirements

What defects or conditions does the seller of my home have to disclose to me and what is the South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act?

The South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act, the “Act,” is a statute that requires that every seller of a residence must complete a statement disclosing any problems in the residence and provide a copy of the statement to a purchaser of the property.  The seller must provide the disclosure statement to the purchaser before the parties sign a contract for the sale of the property.

The South Carolina Real Estate Commission oversees the property condition disclosure process and publishes the disclosure statement form sellers must complete when selling a home.[1]  The form covers eight areas of issues with a property, including:

  • Water and sewer;
  • Foundation, floors, roof, and other structural components;
  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC;
  • Termites, rot, and fungus;
  • Building code, zoning, and HOA covenants violations; and
  • Hazardous materials or contaminants.

The statute does not apply to certain exempted sales, including most notably the initial sale of a newly constructed residence.

If a seller discloses false, incomplete, or misleading information on the disclosure statement or otherwise fails to comply with the Act, the seller is liable for the damages the purchaser suffers as a result.  The seller also may be liable for the purchaser’s attorney’s fees incurred in pursuing claims against the seller.

Also, the seller’s real estate agent is liable for the purchaser’s damages if the agent knew or should have known that the information on the seller’s disclosure statement was false, incomplete, or misleading.

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[1] The Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement form is available at:


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