Road Deaths Increase in South Carolina

Eight people lost their lives while driving on South Carolina Roads over the weekend, marking more deaths compared to this time last year, according to the South Carolina Department of Safety.

Effective Sunday, 820 drivers and/or passengers have died on state roads and highways so far this year.

Those affected were not necessarily in a vehicle. Through Sunday 116 pedestrians have been killed in car wrecks, related to 100 at this time last year, and 20 bicyclist have died, five more than at this time last year.

Of the 528 motor vehicle driver and/or passengers who’ve died on state roads this year, 257 of them were not wearing seat belts.

In a state where 44% of all car crash deaths are caused by drunk drivers, it’s fair to say that punitive damages need to be awarded more frequently. Punitive damages may be awarded by the trier of fact (a jury or a judge, if a jury trial was waived) in addition to actual damages, which compensate a plaintiff for the losses suffered due to the harm caused by the defendant.

If you get in a car accident with a drunk driver, statistics like the Department of Transportation’s report may actually help your case. In drunk driving accident lawsuits, it’s not unusual for juries to award punitive damages to the victim. This is additional money that does not cover any specific damages, but is instead supposed to deter reckless driving by punishing the driver.

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Updated on August 18, 2023

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