Road Debris Causes Thousands of Auto Accidents


Road Debris Causes Thousands of Auto Accidents

Recently, AAA released a report on The Prevalence of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Road Debris, United States, 2011-2014. The report highlighted what may be surprising to some motorists – that road debris plays a significant role in auto accidents, including severe injuries and fatalities.

According to the report, in the time period between 2011-2014, road debris caused:

  • 204,587 auto accidents
  • 39,000 injuries
  • 500 deaths

Most road debris accidents occur on highways in the afternoon.

Many of these accidents could have been avoided altogether if the driver of the vehicle carrying the load had taken the time to secure their cargo. A representative of AAA encouraged drivers to adhere to the rule of thumb that if they would be nervous having a member of their family drive behind their loaded vehicle, then they shouldn’t be out on the roadway without further efforts to fasten their load. Take precautions to secure objects to your vehicle and you could save a life.

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