SC Ranks 50 in Safest States to Live

Recently, Wallet Hub released a “safety” list that ranked each state in order of safest to least safe. They reviewed many areas and factors to determine who would rank where on the scale. In the end, South Carolina ranked in at 50 out of 51 states. Ouch.

The study used a scale that examined “Financial safety”, “Road safety”, “Workplace safety”, “Natural Disasters safety” and “Home and Community safety”. Ultimately, each person has to decide where they value each aspect of safety when determining where to live. However, what is surprising about this study, is that some states ranked rather low in some areas but overall did not rank as being low. Shockingly, SC ranked almost lowest overall and also lowest for road and workplace safety.

In regards to road safety, SC ranked in a 49 out of 51. In terms of workplace safety, SC ranked 38 out of 51. Although these numbers speak for themselves, there really isn’t a magic state that is 100% safe to live. Nowhere is sheltered from car accidents or injuries on the job. Many factors played a role in where each state ranked in each division, however, South Carolina left much to be desired among the results.

In comparison to others on the chart, SC was also grouped into the highest number of assaults this year. South Dakota, Mississippi, Vest Virginia, Montana, and South Carolina also ranked the highest for most fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel.

Really South Carolina? Beep beep, watch out!

With a score of 1, being the safest place to live, Massachusetts set the bar high for all other places on the map. They ranked well in almost every category and only a 16 for “Financial safety”. Way to go, Massachusetts!

Wallet Hub didn’t touch much on why they thought some states ranked lower than others, but it could possibly be attributed to the fact that South Carolina has a lower cost of living and lower tax bracket. Consequently, this could increase SC’s population and make for overcrowded employment or lower quality working conditions. States that ranked safer on the list, such as Utah and Vermont, have a higher cost of living and taxes. Although safety is a huge factor in deciding where to settle down, so is the reality of what that will cost a family.

With the number of car accidents and work related injuries on the rise recently, South Carolinians may want to take a look at their surroundings. While a work injury or our work environment is often something that is out of our control, car accidents can potentially be avoided. There may be little we can actually do to improve these numbers, but making an effort to be a safer driver could possibly decrease these numbers for next year’s poll.

Together, let’s try to work and make South Carolina’s roadways and jobs safer and more desirable. Try to stay educated on SC statistics and how you can make a difference in a positive way for our beloved palmetto state.

For more information on Wallet Hub's study, a full chart of their results can be found here.

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Updated on December 12, 2019

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