Should I call the Police if I am in a minor Automobile Wreck

ABSOLUELY YES! You are in heavy traffic the driver of the car behind you is not paying attention and her car slams into yours. You are shaken but do not think you are injured. Her car has a noticeable dent in the bumper but your trailer hitch is barely scratched. Traffic is backing up even more because your cars are in the road.
The other driver says she is the one with the damage and she needs to get to work. “Let’s trade info and not waste time calling the cops” she says.

Don’t do it, you should call the police. Give the police the information and tell them what happened. The Police will file an accident report to make a record as to what happened. You want the other driver to acknowledge responsibility to someone in authority(the police). If not she can change her story, say you pulled in front of her without signaling and slammed on brakes. She could give you a bogus telephone number or bogus insurance information. The trailer hitch may be inoperable and you could get stuck with the bill.

Many victims of car wrecks do not feel pain until several hours later. Once the swelling of your injured joints begins to occur, you may end up with significant injuries that were not immediately apparent. You could be left holding the bag because you were being nice and did not call the police. If you were in a wreck, even a minor one, call the police.

Updated on January 31, 2011

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