South Carolina Leads Nation in Drunk Driving Deaths

The Department of Transportation recently released a complete report of traffic statistics across all 50 states. Because the data takes time to compile or verify, the numbers are from 2013, but they show some disturbing trends for South Carolina drivers. According to the data, 44% of fatal car accidents in South Carolina were caused by drunk drivers, the highest rate in the country.

These numbers suggest that drunk driving in South Carolina happens far too often. When drunk driving makes up such a high percentage of car accident deaths in a single state, it can have negative effects on all citizens, including:

  • A greater chance of dying in a car accident
  • Higher insurance premiums in the state
  • Higher taxes to pay to enforce drunk driving laws
  • People becoming less likely to drive late at night

However, if you get in a car accident with a drunk driver, statistics like the Department of Transportation’s report may actually help your case. In drunk driving accident lawsuits, it’s not unusual for juries to award punitive damages to the victim. This is additional money that does not cover any specific damages, but is instead supposed to deter reckless driving by punishing the driver.

In a state where 44% of all car crash deaths are caused by drunk drivers, it’s fair to say that punitive damages need to be awarded more frequently.

The Charleston car accident attorneys at Steinberg Law Firm represent victims of drunk, distracted, or reckless driving, and our experience with such cases is a great asset. To get a free legal consultation from us, fill out a form on this page, or call 843-720-2800 as soon as possible.

Updated on January 25, 2019

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