Steinberg Law Firm Proud to Announce $1.9M Verdict in Auto Tort Case

The Steinberg Law Firm is proud to announce that attorney Michael J. Jordan was successful in his first solo court trial, securing a $1.9 million verdict for his client Kenneth Crites. Crites was injured in December 2004 when the defendant ran a red light, slamming into Crites’ truck and injuring his neck, back, and jaw.

The severity of the accident caused Crites to miss several months of work, returning only to find that his condition made it impossible for him to perform his job. Unable to stand for more than a few minutes and unable to lift heavy items, he could not keep his regular job at a statuary company. Crites’ loss of future earnings was pegged at $280,000, and he was left with nearly $30,000 of medical bills.

Michael J. Jordan wasted no time in defending his client’s rights and demanding the justice he deserved. In a two-day trial, he highlighted his client’s injuries and the effects the accident had on his quality of life.

The verdict is one of the biggest for the Charleston-based Steinberg Law Firm, a fact that is especially impressive given that it was Jordan’s first solo case. He handled the case himself from start to finish, and his fellow attorneys at the firm are proud of the results.

“It is an achievement,” managing partner David T. Pearlman said of Jordan’s success. “He worked very hard and put a lot of time and effort and preparation into getting this case ready for trial, and I think it showed in the result.”

Updated on February 22, 2022

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