Steinberg Law Firm Volunteers for MUSC Children's Hospital's Comfort Meals Program

The Steinberg Law Firm recently became involved with the Comfort Meals program at MUSC Children's Hospital. The program relies on members of the community who volunteer their time to provide meals for hospitalized children and their families. Days, weeks, or even months of living on hospital food can be monotonous, expensive, and discouraging for those who are already going through a tough time. The Comfort Meals program offers free, delicious meals as well as an opportunity for the families to just sit and talk with someone who will listen and offer a warm, encouraging smile. 

Attorney Catherine D. Meehan, a registered nurse and former employee of MUSC, is incredibly passionate about helping patients and their families in times of need. After discovering the volunteer program, she was determined to get involved and lend a helping hand. "Parents and families with hospitalized children have enough on their minds," says Meehan. "Providing a hot meal is the least we can do to make this time in their lives more bearable. I've enjoyed the conversations with parents, families, and other volunteers, but my favorite conversations are those with the children themselves. Each time I volunteer at the Children's Hospital it reaffirms my desire to help this institution and all of those it serves." 

Other members of our staff eagerly signed up to volunteer and shared their experiences serving meals at the Children's Hospital:

"My experience volunteering for the MUSC Comfort Meals program was so wonderful.  To see the tired faces of parents light up when we provided dinner for them was awesome. They were so humble and so thankful. The staff was amazing as well." – Julie McCormick, Administrative Assistant

"Serving as a volunteer at MUSC proved to be very humbling and quite rewarding.  I admire the strength and the courage of the staff, families, and their children." – Zelda Rouse, Human Resources Administrator

"Most of these families just want someone to talk to. Someone who will listen to them and offer a smile or a few words of encouragement. Even those who were not in the mood to eat expressed their gratitude and were so thankful for the chance to interact with new faces. I can't imagine the pain and struggle these children and their families are going through, but I like to think we make a small, positive difference during our brief time serving these meals." – Katie Barber, Marketing Director

The firm is signed up to volunteer three more times in April, and will continue to serve throughout the year. We look forward to helping the Children's Hospital and supporting Lowcountry families however we can. 


Updated on December 12, 2019

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