Tips and Tricks to Help You Keep Your Family Entertained While Social-Distancing

Posted on: 05-8-2020
Tips and Tricks to Help You Keep Your Family Entertained While Social-Distancing

Tips and Tricks to Help You Keep Your Family Entertained While Social-Distancing

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many families are finding themselves quarantined to their homes, in order to effectively practice social distancing. While many of us appreciate the additional family-time, it can be difficult to come up with fun activities to keep your family entertained. 

We have some great tips and tricks to help you keep your family entertained while social-distancing!

Whether you’re working from home or a stay-at-home parent, here are 15 activities to help you, and your family, prevent cabin fever and enjoy this time together.

Take a Trip…From Home!

If your family loves adventure, you’re in luck! Many parks, museums, and other tourist attractions are opening their doors, virtually. Here are just a few of the ways you can travel from the comfort of your own home:

Challenge your mind!

Learning from home can be more interactive than you think! Try these fun and challenging activities on your own or with the whole family.

  • Try a puzzle
    • This is a great chance to get the entire family together and try something fun and challenging!
  • Practice a new language
    • Download a language app, or have some fun with it and write the names of household items in different languages on sticky notes. Place them around your home and every time you pass one, say it out loud to learn more!
  • Make elephant toothpaste
    • Check out this article for all the details on this fun and scientific experiment!
  • Start an online book club with other families
    • Pick a group of families from your school to participate in a virtual book club. Join a virtual meeting once a week to discuss your book of choice!

Get Moving!

This time is a perfect time to catch up on much-needed rest. But when it’s time to get moving, try these fun activities!

  • Set up an obstacle course
    • Experiencing nice weather? Why not set up a fun, but safe, obstacle course in your own backyard?
  • Play indoor hopscotch
    • If you have some painters tape lying around, then you have everything you need for an indoor hopscotch!
  • Indoor scavenger hunt
    • Have one person hide items around the house and get the whole family involved!

Soul Food

This quarantine is a perfect time to reflect on yourself and your personal growth. Find activities that add variety to your day and make your heart happy!

  • Pick up Journaling
    • This is a perfect outlet for dealing with the complex emotions social-distancing can bring. Grab a journal and do some self-reflection!
  • Write letters to friends and family
    • Now more than ever it’s important to connect with those we love. Go old-fashioned and write a letter with paper and a pen. Have younger family members draw fun pictures on the paper and you’ve got a letter that’s refrigerator-worthy!
  • Go through clothes and toys to find items you can donate
    • This is a great time to think of those in need. Go through old clothes and toys with your children and see if there’s any you can donate when donation centers are open and operating again.
  • Bake some of your favorite treats
    • Nothing says love like a little something sweet! Get the whole family involved by baking cookies perfect for decorating, or learn how to make individual “mug cakes” for each family member!

Across the globe, people from every country, age, gender, and walk of life are spending more time at home. Connecting with family, developing hobbies, and self-care are all important to staying physically and mentally healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Promoting positivity in your life and to those around you will help keep spirits high and pass the time. Steinberg Law Firm encourages you to take all health precautions possible and stay at home to “flatten the curve” and reduce the spread of Coronavirus. While the pandemic has caused us to reduce face-to-face interactions, we are still available virtually or by phone. Our firm has represented hundreds of citizens and will continue to do so throughout this pandemic. If you need any legal advice or are in need of legal representation, click here to contact us today!

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