What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is the failure by a doctor, nurse, or surgeon to fulfill professional medical standards due to either willful or ignorant negligence. This negligence can then lead to severe injuries, illnesses, or even death. Some of the common types of medical malpractice include incorrectly diagnosing a patient, improper treatment, surgical errors, and delayed treatment. Medical professionals that commit medical malpractice could be liable for the medical bills and lost wages that may result from injuries or illnesses.

Not all errors made by medical professionals will be grounds for a lawsuit, so it is important to seek legal counsel to help you understand your legal options if you have been affected by medical malpractice. If you would like more information, contact our experienced team of medical malpractice attorneys at the Steinberg Law Firm at 843-720-2800.

Updated on August 15, 2014

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