Winter Driving in South Carolina

Winter driving safety tips for South Carolina

As winter approaches, driving can become extremely dangerous. These next few months can bring fog, black ice and thunderstorms. Snow and ice can also create hazardous roads for South Carolina drivers, so it is important to understand ways to prevent any possible accidents.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration every driver should follow the three P’s of safe winter driving:

  • Prepare for the trip
  • Protection yourself
  • Prevent crashes
    Prepare for your trip

    Keep your car properly maintained. Check the battery, brakes, tires, headlights, windshield wipers, put no-freeze fluid in washer reservoir and check your antifreeze. Always have an emergency kit on hand. Additionally, have a flashlight, sand for driving in snow, a shovel, blankets, flares and jumper cables. Plan your route and leave early.

    Protect yourself

    Anyone unused to life-threatening weather should take extra precaution in these winter months. Always remember to buckle up. Use child safety seats properly and never place a rear-facing infant seat in front of air bag. Drive slowly and carefully — it could save lives.

    Prevent crashes

    Holidays can bring exciting parties, but it is important to drink responsibly and take care of yourself. If you have been drinking, find another ride home or call a cab. Evaluate your situation to determine if you are OK to drive.

    Furthermore, due to cold and wet weather conditions it is important to slow down and increase distance between you and other cars. Stay aware of pedestrians and do not drive when you are fatigued, especially on longer travels.

    Updated on December 29, 2018

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