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Steinberg Law Firm Creates Novel Program for Helping to Feed Lowcountry Residents

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CHARLESTON, SC – Pizza delivery people will bring more than pies to area homes in the coming days. Thanks to a novel idea by the Steinberg Law Firm, 50,000 pizza boxes delivered throughout the region will also raise awareness of the Lowcountry Food Bank, a charity that provides food for the needy.

The program — called Dollars for Dough — was developed by partners in the Steinberg Law Firm. “We represent working people, many of whom are essentially a paycheck away from bankruptcy,” said David Pearlman, a partner in the 76-year old firm that has built its reputation in workers’ compensation, disability, and personal injury. “We know that hunger lies just around the corner for many of our clients, and our neighbors. And so we hope this will help make a difference.”

The idea is simple. Steinberg Law Firm secured help from a Washington, DC-based company to print and distribute 50,000 pizza boxes. Each box includes a message about the issue of hunger in this region, and the important role that the Lowcountry Food Bank ( plays.

In addition to raising awareness of the charity’s work in this community, the firm is making a charitable gift to the Lowcountry Food Bank based on sales at participating pizzerias during the program. Participants include independent stores throughout the area.

The Lowcountry Food Bank collects food from numerous sources and distributes it through a network of more than 400 member agencies. Their experience makes it possible to turn every $1 donated into $20 worth of food for the needy. The Food Bank serves working parents, senior citizens, and others unable to afford rising food prices, and children living below the poverty level.

The boxes have begun appearing at independent pizzerias throughout the tri-county area this month. The Steinberg Law Firm partners encourage other area businesses to join them in feeding the hungry of the region. “It is easy to look around the Charleston area and believe that everybody is prosperous,” said Malcolm Crosland, a partner in the firm. “But in reality, there are many people in dire need of help. When the breadwinner for a family is hurt on the job and goes just a week without a pay check, that can mean the family literally has nothing to eat,” Crosland said.

According to a 2002 report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), 11.1 percent of all U.S. households were “food insecure” because of a lack of resources. Since 1999, food insecurity has increased by 3.9 million individuals: 2.8 million adults and more than one million children. Locally, one in four residents experience food insecurity.

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