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Theft or Fraud in Nursing Homes

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You trust nursing homes to provide your elderly loved ones with the best quality of care and safety. Nursing homes can make a big difference for families when a family member needs around-the-clock care and medical treatments in order to live comfortably and happily. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes live up to the standards you expect. In Charleston, nursing home theft or fraud are serious forms of nursing home abuse that many people don’t even think about happening to their loved ones.

Unlike some physical abuse, there are often no outward signs when theft or fraud has been committed. The nursing home resident may have no idea that a crime has been committed and they have been made a victim. Once the loss is discovered, the emotional toll can be just as devastating as the financial loss.

At the Steinberg Law Firm, our nursing home abuse attorneys take the both the emotional and the financial injuries seriously. We work tirelessly to bring justice for our clients and their families.

Examples of Theft and Fraud

The opportunities for theft or fraud to violate the nursing home patients’ bill of rights are numerous. Employees of nursing homes, other patients, or the nursing home itself may all engage in theft or fraud by:

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