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Wage Disputes and Hour Disputes | Charleston, South CarolinaWorkers' compensation legal cases frequently involve employers who are unwilling to pay out benefits, but they are hardly the only times an employer withholds compensation due to their employees. Our Charleston workers' compensation attorneys are happy to help you recover payment that your employer owes you.

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South Carolina Wage Payment Regulations

Under South Carolina law, employers are responsible for making sure their employees are paid the right amount on time. If an employer fails to pay you what you are owed, you have grounds to sue them and recover your wages, plus extra damages. Many of the rules for employee payment are determined by South Carolina Payment of Wages Act.

The act creates several important rules employers must follow, including:

  • Employers must give employees itemized records of their pay and deductions.
  • Employers must put any reasons for withholding wages in writing.
  • If you quit a job, your employer must pay you any unpaid wages in a timely manner.
  • If you are not paid all your wages, you can sue your employer for three times the amount of your unpaid wages, plus your legal costs and attorney's fees.
  • Your employer cannot make you waive any of these rules.

These rules do not apply to everyone. People who hire domestic help and employers with fewer than five employees are exempt from some (though not all) of the rules, and if your position meets the criteria for being considered an independent contractor, these rules may not apply to you at all. Your best course of action is to meet with a lawyer and discuss what options are realistically available to you.

Wage Dispute Lawyers in Charleston

With an eminently qualified team of legal professionals and a long record of success in employment law cases, the attorneys at Steinberg Law Firm are an excellent choice to help you with your wage dispute against an employer.

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