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Can COVID-19 Be an Occupational Illness Covered Under South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Under South Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws, an “occupational disease” is “a disease arising out of the course and scope of employment which is due to hazards in excess of those…

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Please Stay Home for Our Healthcare Workers

South Carolina: Please Stay Home for Our Healthcare Workers

By now, you have probably seen hundreds of photographs on social media of nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals holding signs reading: “I stayed at work for you. You stay…

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healthcare workers' compensation lawyer

Healthcare Workers Exposed to COVID-19

If you believe you have been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) at your workplace in South Carolina, especially if you are a healthcare worker, you may be eligible for South Carolina…

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Steinberg Law Firm COVID19

Steinberg Law Firm’s Announcement About COVID-19

A message to our valued clients, business associates, supporters, and friends: At Steinberg Law Firm, the health, safety and overall well-being of our clients, business associates and the Lowcountry community…

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