Floor Collapse at Clemson Fraternity party

Floor Collapse at Clemson Fraternity party

Floor Collapse at Clemson Fraternity party

Dozens of people were reportedly injured when an apartment clubhouse floor collapsed during a Clemson University fraternity party. The incident occurred in the early Sunday morning hours on October 21, 2018. News outlets reported the party was a homecoming event held in the clubhouse of an apartment complex known as The Woodlands of Clemson. CNN reported that several people sustained broken bones and lacerations in the fall. Thirty individuals impacted by the collapse were transported to hospitals.

What caused and who is responsible for the floor collapse?
Experts are still investigating what caused the floor to collapse into the basement of the building. The clubhouse, which was constructed recently, should have been designed and built to meet the building code requirements and withstand loads.

Determining what caused the collapse and who is responsible for the collapse is a complex undertaking. Many issues need to be investigated before determining who should be legally responsible for the injuries the collapse caused. The potentially responsible parties include the property owner, the property management company, the fraternity that held the party, and the construction company, architect and engineer that designed and built the clubhouse

How can the Steinberg Law Firm help?
If you were injured in the Clemson floor collapse, you likely need legal representation. Your injuries are not your fault and should not have happened. Your injuries are likely the result of improper actions taken by others, and you should not have to suffer your injuries and bear the costs without compensation from the responsible parties.

In seeking legal counsel related to the floor collapse, you need to hire a law firm with a team experienced in handling injuries from building failures. Legal claims from the Clemson floor collapse will be complex because of the engineering issues involved in determining why the floor collapsed and the number of injured parties involved. Likely dozens of witnesses will have to be interviewed. Experts will have to be hired to inspect the premises and issue reports on the cause of the floor collapsing.

Attorneys Steven Goldberg and Elliotte Quinn at the Steinberg Law Firm have the experience to pursue claims from the recent floor collapse. Goldberg has decades of experience representing injured people and has successfully pursued claims from fraternity parties. Quinn spent years defending builders and construction professionals before switching sides to help people injured by construction failures. Quinn deals daily with design, engineering and construction problems.

The Steinberg Law Firm does not charge a fee or require its clients to pay litigation expenses up front. If we are successful in recovering money for you, we take our fees and costs from that amount. If you were injured in this terrible event, we have the experience and resources to help you get what you deserve. Please contact The Steinberg Law Firm at (843) 720-2800 to get your questions answered. The initial consultation is free.

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