How To Have a Safe Holiday Season

How To Have a Safe Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season, many people are debating whether it is safe enough to see their family for Christmas and New Years. While coronavirus testing has become readily available, the total cases are on the rise. Gathering as a large family can be especially dangerous when considering the older members such as grandparents. Here are some recommendations for having a safe holiday season.


If you are planning to see family and friends, consider the implications of traveling and the risk of bringing COVID-19 into your “bubble”. While wearing a mask is a standard practice, being in close proximity with others while traveling still presents some risk. Airlines have established safety standards such as taking temperatures of passengers before boarding the aircraft and preventing middle seats from being occupied in an effort to create as much space as possible. Furthermore, traveling during the holiday can be especially risky because of the higher volume of travelers combined with the spike in cases. No matter how you travel during the pandemic, be aware of the possible exposure to Coronavirus.

Holiday Destination

When traveling for the holidays during the Coronavirus pandemic it’s recommended that you be mindful of the infection levels of your destination. Postponing planned vacations to “hot zones” may be recommended. Nevertheless, if you are traveling to an area with high infection rates be sure to wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing whenever possible. In addition, consider that participating in socially distanced holiday activities is encouraged as to avoid any possible exposure.

Getting Tested

The easiest way to ensure that you are not bringing Coronavirus into your bubble is to get tested often. Rapid tests are now readily available and can provide you piece of mind when traveling. Unfortunately, infection rates have soared during the holiday season, increasing the risk to travel and see family during this time. Getting tested before and after the holidays can ensure that you are healthy and have not been exposed to the virus.

All in all, Coronavirus infection rates are still very high and traveling during the holiday season can be risky. Nevertheless, the holiday season is a time for family and friends to gather and doing so as safely as possible will help ensure everyone has a great time. The Steinberg Law Firm encourages that you follow the CDC guidelines for holiday celebrations. We’ve added the link to these guidelines at the end of this blog for your convenience.

Steinberg Law Firm has been practicing social distancing by limiting office visits and conducting virtual appointments in attempts to keep our staff and our community safe. The Steinberg Law Firm has legally protected our community for many years and we always advocate for safety and extra care. In that light, we encourage you to take extra care this holiday season and do everything possible to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

If you ever need any legal counsel, please reach out to us as we may be able to help. Our team has years of experience and can help protect you in the legal space. We are available for legal counsel throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and are ready to help. Contact us by visiting our website or by calling us at 843-720-2800.


Link to the CDC’s Holiday Celebration Guidelines

Updated on December 15, 2020

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