South Carolina Beach Home Construction Defect Lawyers | Local Charleston Renovation Contractor Sued

Case: Charleston Area Beach Front Home Reno Gone Wrong

Result: $265,000 A beautiful, beachfront home underwent significant renovation work in 2018, including a new, metal roof, cement fiberboard siding, windows, and new framing and waterproof surface for a deck….

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Financial Help for Covid Bills | How to Pay Covid-19 Medical Bills South Carolina | Steinberg Law Firm

I Have A Lot of Medical Bills and Lost Wages From Getting Covid. What Can I Do?

Recovering from the long-term financial damages of COVID may be harder than overcoming the physical effects of the virus. Many survivors face exorbitant medical bills and lost wages from when…

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Most Dangerous U.S. Jobs 2020 | Workplace Fatal Accident Lawyers South Carolina | Steinberg Law Firm

New Government Report Finds 13 Workers Died Per Day in 2020

Construction Jobs Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S. It is no surprise that workplace accidents are common. However, according to a recent report released by the Bureau of Labor…

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COVID-19 Injury Lawyers South Carolina | Can I Sue Restaurant for Illness? | Charleston, SC | Steinberg Law Firm

Can I Sue a Restaurant or Business if I Caught Covid-19 There?

It is very difficult to prove that a business is legally responsible for a COVID-19 infection. Companies in South Carolina and many other states have been released from personal liability…

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Who Are Largest U.S. Homebuilders? | South Carolina Home To Top Four Biggest Builders | Steinberg Law Firm

Who Are the Largest Homebuilders in the U.S.?

It is no surprise that many of the top names will be familiar to South Carolina residents. How many homes did they sell and how much money did they make?…

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South Carolina Nursing Home Death Due To Covid Lawyers | Wrongful Death Attorneys Goose Creek, SC | Steinberg Law Firm

Our Family Lost a Loved One Who Was in a Nursing Home and Contracted COVID-19. Do We Have Any Legal Options For Suing the Nursing Home?

The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone’s lives in different ways. For residents of South Carolina nursing homes, however, the pandemic exposed them to unique risks. The result was that thousands of residents…

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Can I Get Workers’ Comp From Fight At Work | Workplace Violence Job Injury Lawyers South Carolina | Steinberg Law Firm

Do Workplace Violence Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Employees can be a victim of workplace violence that leads to injuries. Such injuries can mean lost time from work, medical expenses and permanent injury. Workplace violence is often sudden…

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Catherine D. Meehan

Attorney Catherine D. Meehan Named Partner

The Steinberg Law Firm is pleased to announce Attorney Catherine “Catie” Meehan as the newest partner at the firm. Catie is the first female partner in the firm’s history and will continue…

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Top Work Injuries and Fatalities | Most Dangerous U.S. Jobs | Workers Comp Attorneys SC. | Steinberg Law Firm

What are the Most Common Work Related Fatalities?

The Most Dangerous Jobs and Industries in the U.S. in 2020 In the United States, on-the-job deaths decreased in 2020 from 2019 by approximately 10.7%. According to the Bureau of…

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South Carolina Product Defect Injury Lawyers | Defective Gift Lawsuit Attorneys Charleston SC | Steinberg Law Firm

Defective Products Can Lead to Injuries

Recently Recalled Items May be on Your Gift List During the holidays, there is a lot of excitement around using all the new gifts you just received and trying out…

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Can I Collect Workers’ Comp If I Got COVID-19 At Work? | Charleston On The Job Injury Lawyers | SC | Steinberg Law Firm

If I Get COVID-19 at Work, Can I Get Workers’ Compensation?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s daily lives in the United States and, to a large degree, worldwide. People were put in a position of needing to take extra precautions to…

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South Carolina Drunk Driver Car Accident Lawyers | Distracting Driving Injury Attorneys Summerville SC | Steinberg Law Firm

South Carolina Driving Dangers Increase During Holidays

Injury Lawyers for Car Accidents in Charleston, Goose Creek, and Summerville The months of November and December are conceivably the busiest months of the year. People are hustling and bustling…

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Holiday Decorating Leads To Injury | Tips For A Safe Christmas | Goose Creek Injury Attorneys | SC | Steinberg Law Firm

Deck The Halls with Caution This Season

Holiday Decorating Can Lead to Injuries Once Halloween is over, the holiday season is in full swing come November 1st. Starting with Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas and New…

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South Carolina Retaining Wall Failure Attorneys | Building Defect Lawyers Goose Creek | Steinberg Law Firm

Multi-Million Dollar Retaining Wall Collapse a Lesson for South Carolina Homeowners’ Associations

A retaining wall collapse in Colorado serves as an extreme example of the costly problems created by improperly constructed retaining walls. In 2019, a section of retaining wall collapsed along…

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Window Problems Can Be Construction Defects | South Carolina Builder Lawsuit Attorney | Steinberg Law Firm

Building Basics: How Windows Work

South Carolina Construction Defect Lawyers Explain Window Problems All residential buildings have windows—the building codes require windows—, but those seemingly simply panes of glass are complicated components that let light…

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Can I Switch Attorneys If I’m Unhappy? | When Should I Change Lawyers In An Injury Case | South Carolina | Steinberg Law Firm

Can I Switch Injury Attorneys if I am Unhappy?

Changing Injury or Workers’ Compensation Attorneys During Your Case Is Possible When it comes to selecting an attorney, you want the best person qualified to represent you. But what if…

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Can I Sue Home Warranty Company If They Refuse To Fix Problems? | Construction Defect Attorney | South Carolina | Steinberg Law Firm

Can I Sue My Home Warranty Company for Not Fixing Problems in My House?

Yes, you can sue your home warranty company for not fixing problems in your house. If you believe a construction problem in your home is covered by your home warranty,…

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What You Don’t Know About South Carolina Car Insurance Can Hurt You | Summerville Injury Attorney | Steinberg Law Firm

Is the State Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Enough?

What You Don’t Know About Auto Insurance in South Carolina Can Hurt You Often, many drivers only get the minimum car insurance coverage required by the state because they do…

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