Can I Sue Co-Worker For Giving Me Covid-19? | Injury Lawsuits For Coronavirus | South Carolina

My Co-Worker Refuses to Get Vaccinated. Can I Sue Them If I Get COVID From Them?

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly turned every workplace into a potentially dangerous one. Even those working in jobs that presented a low risk of injury or illness before the pandemic now…

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Are Pickup Trucks Dangerous? | How Safe Are Pickup Trucks? | Injury Attorneys South Carolina

How Safe Are Pickup Trucks?

Pickup trucks are becoming increasingly popular with drivers. In fact, according to the most recently available data, the top three best-selling pickup truck models made up 13 percent of all…

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South Carolina Home Growth Means More Construction Defect Cases | Builder Warranty Issues SC

Exponential Construction Growth in South Carolina Will Lead to Future Construction Defect Claims

South Carolina law protects owners from construction defects regardless of what builder warranties provide. Unphased by the coronavirus, labor shortages, and material shortages, new home construction in South Carolina took…

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Dog Bite Injury Lawyers Charleston County | South Carolina Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Charleston County Jury Awards Delivery Driver Attacked by Dog

In an unusual case that included both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury case, Steinberg Law Firm attorneys win at trial. In the U.S., nearly 85 million homes…

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Charleston’s Choice Top Law Firm | Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyers | SC

Steinberg Law Firm named 2021 Charleston’s Choice Winner for Best Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Recently, the Charleston Post and Courier released the results of its annual Charleston’s Choice Awards. The Charleston Choice Awards are awarded based on community nominations for the best businesses across…

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Workers' Compensation Attorney Malcolm Crosland

Malcolm Crosland Discusses the Year’s Highlights as His Tenure as WILG President Concludes

Last year, Steinberg Law Firm attorney Malcolm Crosland was elected president of the Workers’ Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG). WILG is a national non-profit organization committed to advancing the…

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