Attorney Catie Meehan secured a lifetime lump sum workers' compensation settlement for a client who experienced a slip and fall while working.

Sales Rep Slip and Fall Settles Workers’ Comp Claim for $1.2 Million in Charleston, SC

Recently, attorney Catie Meehan secured a lifetime lump sum settlement for a client who experienced a slip and fall while working. Our client, a sales representative, was visiting a new client’s property when he slipped on wet pavement and struck his head on the ground. In his late 30’s at the time, he came to (it is unknown if he lost consciousness) and drove himself back to his office, where he began experiencing symptoms of a brain injury.

He sought medical treatment the same day as his dizziness grew worse. He began experiencing brain fog, severe headaches, and personality changes. A high-tech advanced brain scan revealed physical brain damage. Under the care of a neurologist, he underwent Botox injections, cognitive behavioral therapy and was prescribed a variety of medications.

During this time, the man and his family suffered severe financial hardship due to the reduced pay. His wife was forced to work two jobs to keep up.

Attorney Catie Meehan sought a lifetime workers’ compensation award due to permanent and severe physical brain damage. When mediation failed, attorney Meehan then went to a full hearing, which she won. She asked for a partial lump sum distribution immediately to alleviate some of the financial pressure and in turn, the defendants offered a full lump sum payment of $1.2 million, which our client accepted.

There was no third-party homeowner claim as our client was forced to work during a hurricane evacuation period, hence the wet pavement.

Updated on April 9, 2024

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