Staying Safe While Supporting Businesses

Staying Safe While Supporting Businesses

Coronavirus has slowed economic growth all around the globe. Businesses of all sizes have been waiting for the day that they can reopen and begin to financially recover from the past weeks. Although a return to “business as usual” is not anticipated to immediately happen, business owners are looking forward to the day when they can open their doors to their patrons. Some states are more ambitious than others to open and have spearheaded the revival of the US economy. Governor Henry McMaster has evaluated the best course of action to reopen the state of South Carolina in the safest way possible. With this in mind, the city of Charleston has imposed certain guidelines to resume business while ensuring that citizens stay safe and take the proper precautions.

This news is encouraging to business owners all over South Carolina as the financial burden of closing has been heavy. While the opportunity to open is a relief, there are strict guidelines to follow in order to keep patrons and the community at large safe. Including social distancing, some of the guidelines that businesses will have to adhere by are heightened cleaning and hygiene standards, proper etiquette or coughing, sneezing, and hand-washing, placing posters for patrons to understand the expected protocols, and more. Businesses will also be responsible for ensuring that proper airflow and circulation are available, as well as instilling safety precautions and recommendations for their staff and keeping the equipment they use clean.

After the reopening, “in-store” culture will be geared towards safety rather than comfort, and reduced socializing will mean businesses have to find alternative ways to show customers they are appreciated. Business owners will need to clearly define what the shopping experience will be in order to keep their environments safe. Systems such as 1-way traffic through stores, and wiping down shopping carts and baskets after every use are great ways to ensure that social distancing is being held to proper standards. Although tedious, these methods are essential to securing a safe reopening and avoiding a possible spike in the coronavirus curve. While official dates for a full reopening are not yet decided these steps to slowly return to normality are encouraging for all businesses in Charleston.

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Updated on May 29, 2020

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