Steinberg Law Firm Voted “Best Law Firm in Summerville” by Summerville Journal Scene Readers

Earlier this month, readers of the local Summerville Journal Scene voted the Steinberg Law Firm as the best law firm in Summerville. At the Steinberg Law Firm, we believe that we are different from other law firms, and this recent honor confirms that belief. Unlike many other Summerville personal injury law firms, we got into the business to help people, not to make a name for ourselves. Thus, our primary goal in representing clients is to get their lives back on track.

Being involved in a serious accident takes a toll on an injury victim, as well as their family. Even if the symptoms of the physical injuries eventually subside, there are medical bills, time missed from work, and the emotional stresses and anxieties that linger for months or years. Over the years, we have learned that every person has different needs and priorities following a serious accident. At Steinberg Law Firm, the first thing we do is listen to the needs of our clients. After we truly understand what is important to our client, we then cater our representation accordingly.

The managing partners at the Steinberg Law Firm measure the firm’s success by how well we can help clients overcome the challenges they face after being involved in an accident. Thus, it is a great honor to report that Summerville Journal Scene reported that its readers voted the Steinberg Law Firm as the best law firm in Summerville. We are truly proud that Dorchester Country readers recommended Steinberg Law Firm above all other Summerville law firms.

Receiving this news is a welcome reinforcement that our approach to representing Charleston accident victims, as well as those in the surrounding areas, is appreciated. From its inception, Steinberg Law Firm has been dedicated to giving those who needed it a voice. Irving Steinberg, the founder of Steinberg Law Firm, was instrumental in passing the state’s first workers’ compensation statute, which provides benefits to those injured in South Carolina workplace injuries. Since then, the firm has helped thousands of people get their lives back after being involved in a serious accident.

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