Insurance Company Tactics To Pay Less After Car Accident

Immediate Intervention: Urgent Tactics of Insurance Attorneys in Charleston Accidents

Immediately after an accident, most people think to call 911 or seek medical assistance. These are necessary steps and should come first after any accident or injury. 

Insurance defense attorneys employ various tactics to dispute car accident claims in South Carolina, aiming to minimize payouts and protect the interests of the insurance company. Understanding these tactics can help individuals navigate the claims process more effectively. Few people consider that their next step after an accident should be to call an experienced South Carolina car accident lawyer. It’s common not to think of calling a lawyer until you decide to pursue a case, but by then, important evidence may be gone.

Working with a lawyer puts you on an equal footing with at-fault parties and their insurance companies from the start. It also helps you preserve evidence and understand your options if you pursue a case later. 

5 Tactics Insurance Attorneys Will Use To Dispute Your Claim

Insurance attorneys do not have car accident victims’ best interests in mind. They may try to do the following: 

  • Question Liability: Insurance attorneys may attempt to shift or dispute liability, arguing that their policyholder is not entirely at fault for the accident. This tactic aims to reduce the percentage of fault assigned to their client, consequently decreasing the amount the insurance company has to pay.
  • Review Medical Records: Insurance attorneys frequently review the injured party’s medical records in detail. They may look for pre-existing conditions or other factors that could be used to argue that the injuries were not solely a result of the car accident. This tactic aims to downplay the impact of the accident on the claimant’s health.
  • Challenge Damages: Attorneys can scrutinize the extent of damages claimed by the injured party. This can involve questioning the severity of injuries, the necessity of medical treatments, or the extent of property damage. By challenging the damages, insurance attorneys aim to reduce the overall compensation amount.
  • Low Ball Settlement Offers: Insurance companies may initially offer low settlements, hoping that the claimant will accept a quick payout without fully understanding the long-term costs associated with their injuries.
  • Befriend You: Insurance company representatives may call you and offer their care and concern, hoping to gain your trust so they can offer you nothing or a small settlement before you hire an injury attorney. Insurance company adjusters and lawyers are not your friends, including your own insurance company. 

Insurance Companies Will Have Their Lawyers at the Scene – But Not to Help You

Many insurance companies send their attorneys to the scene of an accident immediately after it occurs. Insurance company lawyers sometimes arrive even before paramedics, firefighters, or police. This is particularly true when a crash involves a truck or commercial vehicle.

These attorneys’ goals are simple: Preserve evidence that supports the claim that their client is not at fault for the crash and imply that you are at fault. 

Without an attorney of your own, you’re at a disadvantage. You’re already dealing with your own injuries and losses, and you may not know what evidence to collect or the best way to preserve it. A lawyer will handle these tasks for you so that you can focus on getting the medical attention you need. 

Keep Your Options Open After a South Carolina Car Crash

Calling an attorney at the scene of your accident doesn’t close down any of your options. Rather, it helps you keep your options open. 

A diligent attorney will gather and preserve evidence at the scene. Your lawyer will ask the right questions to understand what happened and preserve your rights. Your lawyer will create a clearer, fuller picture of what happened, which accounts for all the evidence showing you were not t at fault for the crash. 

Some people decide not to pursue a case after an accident. Often, however, this decision is based on the fact that the injured person doesn’t have access to the evidence they need to make their compensation claim. Having an attorney at the scene of your accident reduces the risk that you’ll need to abandon a valid claim for lack of evidence. Instead, you’ll be able to make a fully informed decision. All avenues will be open to you. You can confidently choose that you’ve done what is best for you and your family. 

If you’ve been injured in a crash, don’t wait. Talk to the team at the Steinberg Law Firm today.

Updated on February 2, 2024

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