Thomas White Settles Complicated Workers' Comp Case for $165,000

Thomas White recently settled a complicated Workers’ Compensation case for $165,000 after the workers’ comp carrier tried to deny his clients claim based on a preexisting condition.

His client was working for a company on Sullivan’s Island when his injury happened. What was interesting about this case is that his client simply jumped from the back of a moving truck that was used for picking up trash. The client didn’t sustain a fall—just a simple jump from the truck to the ground.

He then began to have hip pain following the jump. It was determined at that point that he had a preexisting condition called Avascular Necrosis, which is basically the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply. Upon this discovery, the WC carrier chose to deny this claim.

However, Mr. White was able to prove that the jump caused the Avascular Necrosis to become symptomatic, causing his client to experience severe hip pain.

Although workers’ comp tried to deny the claim throughout this whole process, Mr. White was able to reach the $165,000 settlement during a mediation once the WC carrier knew it was going to court.

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Updated on August 17, 2020

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