Tom’s Top Three Tips: Bike Safety

As a new blog series, we at Steinberg Law Firm want you to know us a little bit better. Each week, we will highlight a member of the Steinberg Law Firm. Kicking us off is our Attorney Tom White.

Attorney Tom White has been listed in Best Lawyers in America for Workers’ Compensation over the past ten years. But did you know he is also an avid cyclist during his spare time?

Tom knows bicycle accidents are too common in South Carolina, which can result in some serious injuries. Luckily he’s here to share a few tips on how to bike and share the road.

Tom’s Top Tips:

  1. Wear a helmet – at all times! Make sure your family members wear one too.
  2. Observe all rules of the road – use turn signals with your arms.
  3. Have lights – on the back and the front of your bike.

There are quite a few bike laws rarely enforced. South Carolina is also one of the 13 states with no state or local bike helmet laws for officers to even enforce. Although there is no law, a biker without a helmet has a higher risk of serious injury. These risks can even include traumatic brain injury. Instead, wear a helmet to reduce the chances of an accident becoming a fatal one.

As an avid cyclist, Tom knows it’s hard to always observe the rules of the road. Many of us bike to find shortcuts that provide the fastest route possible. But you cannot expect a distracted driver to avoid you if you are not observing the rules of the road. Using hand signals and waiting for the light to turn green could save your life.

Finally, did you know it’s illegal at night to ride a bike without a front light and at least a red reflector on the back? This is a law where Tom wants to see stronger enforcement. A simple flashing red light on the back of your bike could save your life.

Happy Bike Month everyone and bike safely!

Updated on December 12, 2019

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