What to Do When Your Child Gets Hurt on a School Bus


What to Do When Your Child Gets Hurt on a School Bus

In the United States, approximately 25 million K-12 students ride the bus each way during the school week, according to the American School Bus Council.

Statistically speaking, traveling by school bus is a lot safer than traveling in a car driven by a teenager or adult. However, accidents do happen, and children can get injured using this mode of transportation. Apart from tragic crashes, there are other hazards involved when students travel by bus:

  • Children can incur injuries when getting on and off the bus, especially when they walk in the “danger zone,” 10 feet in front, behind and on either side of the bus. That area near the bus includes blind spots where the driver cannot see someone.
  • Most school buses don’t have seat belts, so children can get hurt from any forceful stop or similar motion that propels their body to make impact with part of the bus or another passenger.
  • When walking down the aisle to find somewhere to sit, children can trip and fall due to a slippery bus floor or an object lying on the ground.
    If your child was injured on a school bus, you should take the following steps:

  • Get medical attention for your child immediately even if it seems like the injuries are minor or there are no observable injuries
  • Take detailed notes of the injuries and capture images via photos and video
  • Ask your child and other witnesses what happened and record their accounts
  • Check whether there were security cameras on the bus that provide a video of the incident
  • Keep medical, police and any other records of the incident
  • Reach out to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible
    Whether the accident was the fault of the bus driver, the bus company, the school district or someone else, they can be found liable for the injuries and trauma your child experienced. The compassionate lawyers at Steinberg Law Firm can discuss your case with you and ensure your family gets the justice and compensation deserved. For a free consultation, contact Steinberg Law Firm at 843-720-2800.

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