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Occupational Diseases

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When you work at the same job for years and years, the environment and work conditions can have long-term effects that may be detrimental to your health. If you can show a link between your job and your decline in health, these occupational diseases may qualify you compensation, and you should speak to a South Carolina work injury attorney.

Occupational diseases may include many conditions, ranging from asbestosis to repetitive motion injuries to black lung disease. Because the symptoms take a long time to develop, it can be difficult to trace these conditions to your work. Call Steinberg Law Firm at 843-720-2800 to schedule a free case review if you are suffering from an occupational disease.

Occupational diseases can have a sustained detrimental effect on your personal well-being. Unfortunately, the state of South Carolina’s definition of occupational disease can make it difficult to successfully pursue a workers’ comp claim for a long-term disease contracted on the job.

According to South Carolina law, the following conditions are NOT considered occupational diseases:

  • A condition that can’t be directly linked to work hazards
  • A condition that results from the outside climate
  • A contagious disease picked up from co-workers
  • Diseases to which the general public is exposed
  • Any cardiac disease not caused by gaseous pressure or the introduction of foreign matter into the body
  • Any chronic disease of the joints, like arthritis

    The clarity of this law means that you have to do a good job of showing how your condition is directly linked to your disease, and how it constitutes a “hazard in excess of those ordinarily incident to employment.” In other words, you need to show that your regular working conditions made you more likely to get the disease than someone with a different job.

    When you file a workers’ compensation claim for a long-term condition, there are many factors that could prevent you from receiving a payout. Your workers’ comp insurance company may try to argue that your condition is the result of your own lifestyle choices or factors external to your workplace.

    A good workers’ compensation attorney can give you a better chance of refuting these claims and securing the compensation you deserve. With over 170 years’ combined experience, the lawyers at Steinberg Law Firm are an excellent choice for your Charleston workers’ compensation case. Contact us at 843-720-2800 for your free case review.

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