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Attorney Kelly Alfreds Obtains $260K Settlement for a Family of a Man Killed in Work Related Car Accident

Attorney Kelly Alfreds recently settled a contentious South Carolina worker’s compensation case for the family of a man who was killed on the job. Details of the $265,000 settlement remain confidential but came after Alfreds argued against the man’s employer who initially denied the family’s claim.

The accident involved a South Carolina real estate executive who was killed in a car accident while visiting a property development to check on its progress. His vehicle was found submerged in water in a ditch on the property by workers there. The cause of the accident was never determined.

The company that employed the executive first rejected his family’s worker’s compensation claim because, they said, that the man had no reason to be on the property and was acting outside the normal scope of his professional duties.

However, Alfreds, as the family’s attorney, argued that the man had full access to the gated and locked community property and was expected to stay informed on the progress being made on its development. The vehicle that he crashed was used as the man’s work vehicle.

Ultimately, the employer conceded that although the man had not been specifically asked to go to the property before his accident, he was fully allowed to be there and had been known to do so in the past. He was always incredibly involved with the development of the company’s new properties and other projects and his family maintained that he would not have been on the property for a reason not related to his work.

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Updated on April 27, 2022

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