Historic Snowfall in Charleston Leads to Car Accidents; Know Your Rights

Historic Snowfall in Charleston Leads to Car Accidents; Know Your Rights from the Steinberg Law Firm

Historic Snowfall in Charleston Leads to Car Accidents; Know Your Rights

On January 3rd, the Charleston International Airport witnessed 6 inches of snow, breaking the snowfall record from the winter of 1989.  With 5 inches of snow covering most of the communities situated near the coast, road conditions have quickly developed into dangerous terrain.

Driving Conditions

Driving conditions have been extremely dangerous in the Lowcountry during severe and winter weather, but the danger does not end when a winter blizzard does. As South Carolina roads start to recover from the cold snowfall and freezing rain, roads will become slippery due to melting ice and snowbanks. This ice can also re-freeze each night elongating the thawing process, increasing the hazardous driving conditions.

Steinberg Attorney David Pearlman urges drivers to remain alert at all times on the road, “Driving behaviors like texting while behind the wheel or speeding become even more dangerous in winter weather. It is best to exercise extreme caution when traveling on icy roads to avoid crashes.”

Driver Responsibility

Drivers have the responsibility to keep themselves and other drivers on the road safe so all travelers and pedestrians may reach their destination without harm. Taking the weather conditions into consideration, yielding to all traffic laws, and leaving a generous amount of space between vehicles on the road are all actions that should be followed while operating a moving vehicle.  

After an Accident

Even if there are no visible signs of trauma or injury, drivers that have been in a car accident should immediately seek medical attention. If you are in an accident, it is imperative to keep clear documentation on medical expenses, police reports, and vehicle damage for reference. If there were witnesses to your car accident, take down their contact information so you may reach them later. Lastly, but most importantly, consult an established car accident lawyer before contacting your insurance company so you can understand your rights.

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