If you are a South Carolina propane customer of AmeriGas or Blue Flame and have been harmed by empty tanks and delivery failures call our attorneys at 843-720-2800.

Lawyers Investigating Customer Complaints and Potential Class Action Lawsuit for South Carolina Propane Gas Customers with Empty Tanks and Missed Deliveries

We received reports that many propane home delivery customers in South Carolina recently experienced empty propane tanks and missed deliveries. Customers were left unable to heat their homes, cook meals, do laundry, or take hot showers. Customers paid extra fees for an expedited refill of their propane tanks. The propane company then failed to refill the tanks, made false promises about when the tanks would be refilled, failed to keep those promises, and left customers without propane for days or weeks.

If you are a propane customer in South Carolina with a propane contract, ran out of propane, and did not get the tank refilled on the provided schedule or paid for expedited delivery only to wait weeks, you may have legal claims and be entitled to compensation. The potential compensation could include amounts paid under the contract, damages for the inconveniences caused by the lack of propane, and triple damages for false or deceptive acts.

AmeriGas Propane Partners, L.P. is the largest propane distributor in the U.S. AmeriGas recently bought Blue Flame operations in South Carolina.

The Steinberg Law Firm has nearly 100 years of experience standing up for people harmed or taken advantage of by big companies. We have the experienced lawyers and the resources needed to take on large corporations and win.

Our South Carolina consumer class action lawyers are investigating the propane gas customer complaints regarding empty tanks, delays in refilling tanks, and false promises of expedited refilling. If you have been impacted by this situation, reach out to our experienced attorneys at 843-720-2800 or submit a contact form detailing your issues.

At The Steinberg Law Firm, there is no cost to you for calling us to see if you have a case. Calling us does not make you obligated to have us represent you. If we represent you, you do not pay us anything out of your pocket, and we are only paid if we recover compensation for you.

Updated on February 9, 2023

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