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How much will a construction lawsuit cost me?

If you are suffering from construction problems in your home, the last thing you need is to spend more money trying to get the builder to fix the problem. At the Steinberg Law Firm, we take construction cases on a contingency basis. That means that the client does not pay us for our work as the case is ongoing. Instead, we are paid a portion of any money recovered through the lawsuit. If we recover nothing for a client, we are paid nothing. We take on the risk of there being no money recovered

While the Steinberg Law Firm takes on cases on a contingency basis, generally the costs of a lawsuit can be handled in one of two ways. The first is where the homeowner pays all of the costs as they are incurred. The homeowner pays the attorney and expert by the hour for their services. The second is where the homeowner and the attorney enter into a contingency agreement. Under a contingency agreement, the homeowner is not billed while the case is ongoing. Instead, the attorney is compensated for time and expenses by being entitled to a percentage of any compensation for the homeowner recovered in the lawsuit. The attorney bears the risk of there not being a recovery in the lawsuit.

The main costs of a construction lawsuit are the costs of the attorneys and experts needed to pursue the lawsuit. The amount of these costs varies depending on the characteristics of each individual lawsuit. The more complex the issues, the more parties involved, and the more aggressive the defendants are the higher these costs.

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