Steinberg Law Firm Builds Bikes for Pedals 4 Peanuts

At the Steinberg Law Firm, we sincerely believe that every person can spark change in our community in some way. Our passion for helping and empowering people is at the heart of everything we do. We’re always looking for ways to give back, whether it’s through our Community Fund Program, our local volunteering efforts, our Casual for a Cause fundraising, or by preventing child head injuries through our Safe on Wheels campaign. Besides these regular programs, we love finding a new approach to giving.

Each year, our entire firm takes a day to invest in each other while giving back to our community. This fall, our firm is thrilled to be able to take part in building bicycles for Pedals 4 Peanuts! P4P is a nonprofit organization seeking to bring communities together by giving every child a chance to receive their first bike. Pedals 4 Peanuts is a firm believer (and we agree!) that children with bicycles have better opportunities for health, learning, and civic engagement. Plus, who can resist the joy and excitement of a kid receiving their first bike?

“Memories happen from the seat of a bike!” -Pedals4Peanuts, non profit organization

Of course, we have to make sure the kids are safe on their bikes! For our part, we’re expanding our Safe on Wheels campaign. This year, we’re giving away 3,000 helmets, plus safety lights and reflector wear to our local students at Devon Forrest Elementary, Goodwin Elementary, and College Park Elementary. Last year, this safety campaign benefited three wonderful Title 1 schools in Charleston: Mitchell Elementary, Memminger Elementary, and Sanders Clyde Elementary.

As another aspect of Safe on Wheels, our firm is also ‘gearing up’ to teach kids to follow the rules of the road and establish safe cycling habits early on in life. Charleston’s streets are becoming more crowded, and it’s essential that we equip our young people with vigilance and skill!

As a firm, we’re so excited to have the opportunity to take this time to reach out to our community and bond as a team. One of our favorite things about Pedals for Peanuts is that not only are they building bikes to give away, but they also provide the resources for families to gift their kids with bikes.

If you would like to learn more about Safe on Wheels or our other initiatives, please direct your questions to Yani Smith at

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