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May 25, 2016

More than 38 million Americans are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend, and that’s just the beginning of summer road trip season. If you are heading out on the roads this summer for a family vacation, keep these tips in mind for a safer trip.

Buckle up. Seat belts save lives. Make sure that you and all of your passengers are buckled up safely before you go. Put the phone down.... Read More
May 23, 2016

Summer is a time for vacations and trips to the beach, which means more time spent traveling in our vehicles. To make those trips safer, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety is kicking off its Buckle Up, South Carolina safety belt campaign. The goals of this campaign are:

To increase safety belt usage To see a decrease in traffic fatalities and serious injuries To promote a... Read More
May 18, 2016

Highway work zones can be a life-threatening place to work, which is why “Peanut’s Law” has been passed in both the South Carolina Senate and House. While this bill would improve safety in highway work zones, one South Carolina senator is blocking its final passage because he says the severity of the consequences would be unfair.

The name behind the bill comes from a 22-year-old highway... Read More

May 18, 2016

Summer weather means more motorcycle riders take to the roadways to enjoy the season. During this Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, we are debunking some of the most common myths about motorcycle safety.

Myth 1: Defensive Riding Ensures Being Seen by Other Drivers

Although defensive riding can help prevent accidents, it is not a guarantee that other motorists will see the bike rider.... Read More

May 11, 2016

Have you been injured while on the job? Knowing what to do next can seem like an enourmous task. Luckily, we've gathered the important information for you! Click through our SlideShare to learn more about Workers' Compensation.

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May 11, 2016

One of the most common, and unpunishable violations in South Carolina relates to school bus stop arms. The stop arm is there to stop drivers from passing by in order to safely allow kids on or off the bus. Yet according to the Association for Pupil Transportation, there are 280 school bus stop arm violations in South Carolina every day. That is potentially 280 children’s lives that are being... Read More

May 09, 2016

The warm weather in Charleston calls for trips to pools and beaches in order to cool off from the summertime heat. While the water can be refreshing for some, for others it can be potentially deadly. State Representatives have announced that from the year 2001 to 2010, there have been 223 individuals that have drowned in the state of South Carolina.

For this reason, South Carolina... Read More

May 02, 2016
South Carolina Passes Law Reminding Drivers to Keep Right | Charleston, SC

When driving on a busy highway, it’s important that everybody on the road keep to a common range of speeds. We all know that a car moving too fast on the highways of South Carolina can cause an auto accident, but it’s easy to forget that cars moving too slowly can be a danger as well. If a car driving the speed limit has its path blocked by a car moving well under the speed limit, it may not... Read More

April 25, 2016
Volkswagen and US Government Reach Settlement Over Emissions Violations | Charleston

After undergoing investigations and being hit with hundreds of defective product lawsuits, German automotive company Volkswagen has reached a settlement agreement with the United States government. While the settlement is not likely to affect the many civil suits already under way, it does point a way forward for people with affected vehicles to gain some compensation.

The scandal... Read More

March 31, 2016
Drunk Driving Fatality Rate at its Highest in South Carolina | Charleston

The Department of Transportation recently released a complete report of traffic statistics across all 50 states. Because the data takes time to compile or verify, the numbers are from 2013, but they show some disturbing trends for South Carolina drivers. According to the data, 44% of fatal car accidents in South Carolina were caused by drunk drivers, the highest rate in the country.

... Read More